Our vision is to be a national leader providing IOT solutions that benefit people in a positive way by increasing their efficiency, productivity & accountability while reducing costs and lowering their carbon footprint.


Our mission is to provide our customers IOT products, services, learning modules & on-going support that help them grow their business.

Abbas Shokooh

My Why

I grew up in Iran in a very average home. During my early school years I had some challenges with my violent and unstable teacher. Because of that one crazy teacher, I would never like schools anymore nor could I trust any teachers after that.

School time to me was a blur, I hated to wake up and go to school in the morning. I lived in fear of going to school, but I gained the love of fixing things from simple stuff to opening and reassembling radios. I decided from young age to start my own business, with help of a good friend of mine,  my brother and I, opened a successful bookshop. But because of Iran’s revolution and having a tough time with political hardliners, I decided to escape from Iran and start a new life in Canada. 

In 1994 I was wrongfully dismissed from work for something that, I did not do. I did not have a way to prove them wrong. At that time, I wished there was a technology that I could show them that my service vehicle wasn’t where they were accusing me of being which resulted in my dismissal. 

These events and the past experience encouraged me to be in the business of security systems, GPS Tracking and helping people to get rid of all the shenanigans by having an audit trail.

Eddy Stevens

My Why

When I was 10 years old I was fascinated with electronics. I would spend countless hours soldering and building things from schematic diagrams that I had learned on my own.

One of my first circuits that I built was a tiny FM audio transmitter that would broadcast to a FM radio a few hundred feet away. That was in 1974.

My parents always encouraged me to pursue this interest and they ensured that wherever we lived there was always a room with a workbench in it.

As an adult I started my own electronics company that later went on to produce all kinds of video transmitters that were used in medical, security, robotic and military applications.

I had the honour of having one of our products mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as “Smallest Video Transmitter in the World”.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to serve others globally by providing all kinds of IOT & Electronic Solutions that add value to their businesses and lives. I am lucky to still have the enthusiasm and passion of that 10 year old who would play with electronics for endless hours.

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