Hoist Remote

Hoist Remote is an advanced wireless communication system for Personnel and Material Construction Hoists. Hardware is installed in electrical panels or existing machines. The Hoist Remote solution collects; records and analyses hoist performance and safety data as well as providing remote monitoring of components for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and communicate that information to the maintenance and service personnel via scheduled reports and alerts. The data is available anywhere & anytime.


The Primary Functions of the Hoist Remote Solution

● Detecting and predicting when maintenance is due, in advance.
● Collecting hoist performance data
● Communicating hoist performance data to the maintenance and service personnel department.
● Establishing a direct link from the hoist to the software for real time monitoring and diagnostics.


● The most sophisticated diagnostic and detection system available
● Hoists monitored 24 hours a day,365 days a year
● Reduced machine downtime
● Faster, more accurate detection and analysis of problems
● Faster service response
● Monitor on-site machine usage
● Increase productivity and safety,thereby saving time and money


With the Hoist Remote Diagnostics Solution, when a fault is detected, the system automatically sends the alert to
service personnel — dramatically reducing the time your Hoist is out of service. The technician arrives at the job site with specific information, about the problem,prior to arrival. Ensuring your employees are prepared.








Remote Alerts

The HOIST REMOTE hardware can be programmed to send alerts based on any type of event. It features a full Boolean of programmability allowing the user to create any kind of ladder diagram. Let our software team create a comprehensive solution that reduces your overall maintenance costs.

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